Refugees International

Young female volunteer passing smartphone to one of refugees sitting on mattress

The Challenge

Refugees International (RI) is one of the most prestigious and respected independent refugee organizations in the world. Founded in 1979, RI advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people, and promotes solutions to displacement crises. RI’s media exposure was minimal. We were hired to generate more media attention for the organization’s accomplishments, and to shed additional light on refugee crises around the world.

Our Strategy

We moved quickly to place RI on national TV and radio. On World Refugee Day, we placed RI board member Sam Waterston on the Today Show and FOX & Friends. When South Sudan became a new nation, we placed board member Matt Dillon on CNN and CNN International to shed more light on the potential refugee crisis there. As the Libyan revolt unfolded, and RI was one of the first NGOs on the ground to document the crisis, we put RI’s new president Michel Gabaudan on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


We placed RI thought leaders in major national print outlets to comment on such worldwide disasters as flooding in Pakistan and Colombia, the refugee crises in South Sudan and Libya, and internally displaced people’s crises in Iraq and other nations. We also placed RI op-eds in such outlets as The Washington PostUSA Today and The Hill. The media attention we generated for RI galvanized public opinion and influenced thought leaders in Washington.

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