Crisis and

Issue Management

In the dynamic landscape of any industry, unforeseen challenges can jeopardize the standing of a company, organization or individual. Enter The TASC Group – your ally in crisis and issue management. Without proper management, a crisis can shatter your reputation and credibility. Our job? To anticipate, prevent and rebuild after crises. 

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TASC’s Approach

As one of the leading crisis and issues management agencies in New York City, The TASC Group can navigate an ongoing crisis, anticipate a potential crisis and help develop crisis and issue management systems to prevent future catastrophes and protect your reputation. In high-stakes situations, our team acts fast to execute strategy, relay communication guidance and provide hands-on support to mitigate media backlash.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The tricky thing about a PR crisis is that you can’t plan for one unless you have an experienced crisis communications team watching your back.

Whether it’s social media backlash, executive misconduct, public health emergencies, competitor challenges, changes in leadership, etc., The TASC Group always has a plan.

TASC will develop a crisis communications strategy to mitigate and manage a client’s crisis. The strategy will involve tactical actions such as press outreach, press release development, messaging, media training, packaging stories, thought leadership, political outreach, testimonials from community leaders and employing research, studies and relevant data that support your cause and/or work. We help you weather the storm and rebuild stronger than before. 

Our Crisis Management Services Include

  • Crisis and issue management strategic planning
  • Proactive crisis protocol development 
  • Preventative crisis scenario planning 
  • Media relations management 
  • Comprehensive media training 
  • Creation of statements, messaging and talking points
  • Relationship management between you and your investors, communities, customers and/or employees
  • Monitoring the media and social media landscape for potential new developments
  • Providing comprehensive support for stakeholder communication and management

Whether it’s celebrity crises like Felicity Huffman’s Varsity Blues scandal or shifting the narrative in the face of product malfunction like with Rushcard, our team is prepared to help you navigate your way through the challenges you face and protect your relationships with your stakeholders. Reach out for more information on how we can help with your crisis management. 


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