Community Outreach & Grassroots Campaigns

Grassroots and community outreach PR campaigns may appear small, but their direct impact on our neighborhoods and communities is undeniable. With an ear to the ground in local communities, grassroots campaigns can pinpoint critical issues in a community and address them faster than even our local government. By building momentum with those on the ground, you can rapidly expand your impact and quickly take hold in the communities you want to reach. 

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TASC’s Approach

As versatile as grassroots and community outreach campaigns can be, reaching constituents can be difficult. Many of our nonprofit and mission-driven clients understand how hard it can be to reach a legislator to make change or reach someone in need. Building trust in communities that have long been disenfranchised takes time, effort and a unique approach to public relations. 

That’s where The TASC Group comes in. Our team of PR experts are skilled in grassroots advocacy and community outreach, engaging populations that are hard to reach through traditional media sources. Not only that, but we help burgeon local efforts into national thought leadership campaigns, highlighting replicable and innovative solutions that can take off across the country. 

When TASC Builds a Grassroots Campaign for You, We: 

  • Learn all there is to know about you, your organization, your constituents and your objectives
  • We identify the sources of information your constituents resonate with and trust
  • We identify the barriers we face in reaching them
  • We craft a media relations strategy to overcome these obstacles, build trust with your community through earned media and inspire them to answer your call to action
  • Media train your spokespeople
  • Create or strengthen organizational structure and messaging
  • Create and develop a website for your constituents
  • Create and develop your social media strategy
  • Create and develop donor materials to boost fundraising efforts
  • Support your organization’s growth

Launch a Campaign with TASC

Grassroots campaigns we’ve led have fought COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and misinformation through the nation’s leading Black churches, vaccinated 40,000 New Yorkers deemed “unreachable,” promoted bike sharing in disenfranchised communities to overcome health, mobility and financial challenges and much more. Yours could be next. 

To view more grassroots campaigns and previous community outreach, check out our case studies here. For organizations looking to develop a grassroots campaign, we’re the team for you. Reach out.  


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