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The TASC Group builds effective public relations and communications strategies to maximize the impact of nonprofits, causes, mission-driven organizations, public awareness campaigns and for-profit businesses. Through our strategies, our agency’s clients move the needle on societal issues, build grassroots movements and lead conversations on the most pressing issues of the day.

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TASC’s Approach to Public Relations

We understand that organizations doing good in the world don’t always have the time to promote their work – but gaining exposure on a national scale can expand your capacity and increase your impact. 

TASC’s PR strategies are designed to attract media attention both nationally and locally, generate institutional and community support, promote your missions and establish your thought leadership with the media, stakeholders, political leaders, funders and donors. We believe in being true partners and capacity builders to meet your unique needs and make the most of your story. 

Our PR Strategy Tactics

Media Relations

  • Extensively research and identify top reporters, outlets and beats that relate to your mission and field.
  • Conduct daily evergreen media pitching on your behalf to promote the organization’s work, expertise and programming.
  • Find proactive and reactive opportunities to generate feature stories, highlight your programmatic success and showcase your unique thought leaders.
  • Bridge the gap between your organization and the press by generating innovative ideas consistently and building long-lasting relationships with targeted media outlets.

Storytelling & Messaging Development

  • Craft, polish and fine-tune organizational messaging to ensure it is simple, powerful and effective and most importantly aligns with your core mission and goals. By strengthening messaging, you can better reach and engage target audiences.

Crisis Issues & Management

  • Mitigate ongoing crises, build back the reputation of organizations damaged by crises and plan ahead to prepare clients for potential crises.
  • Develop a communications strategy to mitigate and manage crises focused on internal communication, external communication, messaging, media training, thought leadership, community outreach and more.

Grassroots Community Building & Outreach

  • Build grassroots movements on behalf of clients through media outreach and partnership development with key leaders and stakeholders in your industry or field. We develop a strategy to connect to and recruit the right stakeholders to influence your work and mission and to elevate your organization’s reputation and credibility.

Thought Leadership Development

  • Craft and shape organizational thought leadership to promote the organization’s mission and strengthen the senior team’s reputation as national experts in a variety of fields and topics. This strategy involves media coverage, content creation, blog and op-ed placement, brand positioning, media training, speaking events, online reputation management and more.

Media Training

  • Media train organizational leadership and spokespeople for high-profile TV, radio and print media opportunities as well as speaking opportunities such as conferences, preparing them for interviews and teaching them effective communication and interview techniques.

Red Carpet, Galas, and Events

  • Manage all aspects of the media and communications needs for red carpet, gala and/or performance events. These efforts include outreach to broadcast TV, cable TV, print, radio, online/digital media, blogs, etc., press material creation, managing all interviews scheduling for pre-event, red carpet and post-event media and staffing all aspects of the red carpet event, including press check-in, ID sheets, press setup, on-carpet interviews, and celebrity logistics.


  • Employ PR-based techniques to improve clients’ SEO and online reputations. By creating a communications and PR strategy that incorporates and prioritizes SEO, our agency can ensure that the right people find you and get the right message when they do.

Social Media

  • Build comprehensive social media strategies for clients to define their online presence, showcase their impact and reach their key audiences online. By developing social media strategies, mission-driven organizations and social movements can more effectively generate grassroots support and inspire action.

Cause-Related Marketing

  • Create, build, launch and manage CSR campaigns, generating positive media attention for your brand or your mission, building customer loyalty, creating community partnerships, reinforcing your brand’s values and core mission, empowering employees and strengthening company morale.

Tell Your Story With TASC

We have decades of experience working with some of the most impactful cause-driven organizations and social leaders, from The Trayvon Martin Foundation to our Asbestos litigation work holding Fortune 500 companies accountable to closing gaps in vaccinations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a PR firm, we exist exclusively to amplify the work of those leading the way to a better world, and we’d love to tell your story. 

Reach out to learn how we can amplify your organization.


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