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You know the work you do is important. You know your services can change lives and improve communities. But the right people aren’t finding you. It might be because you’re ranking on the third page of Google, not coming up when potential donors, partners or clients search terms related to your industry or because a competitor is receiving all the search traffic. That’s where a PR and SEO strategy comes in. 

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How SEO and PR Work Together

As a PR firm, we know that in the current digital landscape online discoverability is more important than ever. When researching for an expert in your industry, reporters should find you. When looking for organizations to work with, potential partners should come across you. And when those in need of your services seek them out – they must find you. 

It’s critical that SEO and PR work together. By creating a communications and PR strategy that incorporates and prioritizes SEO, we can ensure that the right people are finding you and that they’re receiving the right message when they do. 

SEO Services

The TASC Group specializes in PR-based techniques to improve our clients’ SEO and online reputations. We begin with a thorough audit of your online presence and SEO needs. Then we build a comprehensive PR and SEO strategy unique to your needs. We’ll work with you to implement changes to your existing platforms, make the most out of media hits and regularly create and secure content so that your standing in search engines improves. 

Our techniques include:

  • Securing media coverage 
  • Distributing press materials online
  • Optimizing social media for SEO
  • Creating content tailored to your SEO needs

 To learn more about how we can boost your online presence, reach out.  

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