Storytelling and Messaging 

At the core of public relations is storytelling. As a PR firm for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations, we know that your impact story is your strongest asset. Securing media coverage, building partnerships and gaining the attention of potential funders, clients and legislators begins with the story of you — the who, what, where, why and how that makes up the foundation of your nonprofit, campaign or thought leadership platform. 

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TASC’s Approach

Without a consistent and clear story, your audiences won’t be moved to engage, whether it be through donating, volunteering, partnering or reaching out for services. Critically, the media won’t know how to cover you, why you’re important or how to use you to shape stories in the news.

When we work together, we learn who you are, what you have to offer, what audiences should know about you, what’s left untold and what opinions and perspectives you hold that are unique to you and your organization. We take that knowledge and we turn it into your story. 

How We Craft Your Story

  • TASC holistically evaluates your brand’s messaging to ensure it is simple, powerful and effective, and aligns with your core mission and goals
  • TASC helps you develop and understand your own thought leadership with the goal of promoting your mission and strengthening your senior team’s reputation as national experts in your field
  • We craft, polish and fine-tune our existing materials and owned channels

How We Promote Your Story

No one understands how to craft, tell and promote the story of mission-driven organizations like we do. We use your story to speak with those that need to know about you by turning it into foundational messaging, website copy, press materials, content for press outreach, social media content, talking points, op-eds, created content and more. 

You can see all the ways we employ your story by learning more about our PR services. If you want to strengthen your story, reach out.


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