Cause-Related Marketing

As a PR firm for nonprofits, mission-driven for-profit organizations, social justice campaigns and more, The TASC Group specializes in maximizing the impact of cause-related work. We take a holistic approach, uniting media outreach, social media optimization, partner engagement and much more, to turn causes into movements.

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TASC’s Approach

We are uniquely positioned to connect mission-driven and philanthropic clients with nonprofit organizations and causes. By combining our expertise, resources and dedication with their missions and goals through a thoughtful cause-related marketing campaign, we can make inroads on the most pressing social issues of the day. 

Our Cause-Related Marketing Services Include

  • Establishing, maintaining and growing partnerships between a nonprofit and companies, brands or celebrities 
  • Developing and managing the infrastructure of cause-related marketing campaigns
  • Leading a media relations campaign to empower donors and financially support communities that need it
  • Generating feature stories about your organization 
  • Educating stakeholders and media about your organization
  • Developing further partnerships with other community leaders, mission-driven companies and nonprofits 
  • Elevating your thought leadership and reputation among C-suite leaders and policymakers in your respective landscape
  • Curating messaging to help reach your target stakeholders and funders 
  • Optimizing owned channels including website, social media, email lists and more

Make Change Happen

The high-impact cause-related marketing campaigns we’ve spearheaded include DonateStock’s innovative stock-giving platform that helps nonprofits access new funding through everyday investors and manufacturing entrepreneur Chris Graff’s sustainability competition to identify the best business plan that turns recyclable material from New York City into a locally-sold product. We’ve helped organizations like you own the conversation, galvanize support for a cause and change attitudes and behaviors for the better.

To see how our efforts have increased impact for our clients, see our case studies and get in touch to learn how we can do the same for you. 


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