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Crafting an Effective Media List for Nonprofits and Mission-Driven PR Campaigns

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When you have a story to share, reaching a wider audience starts with creating a comprehensive media list. Getting your content seen by potential consumers starts with creating a media list of outlets and contacts from those outlets which cater to your target market. 

Six Steps for Creating a Great Media List

1. Define Your PR Pitch 

Start by clearly defining your PR pitch. Whether it's an executive interview or a product announcement for your non-profit, articulate what you're offering to the media and why it matters. A well-defined pitch is essential for capturing the attention of journalists and gaining media coverage. Pitch writing consists of persuasion, creative thinking and storytelling. If what you’re sharing is relevant to the journalist, fewer than 200 words and highly readable — think short sentences, bullet points and subheads. 

2. Develop Multiple Angles

Consider multiple angles for your pitch that align with your target media outlets and their audiences. Figure out which approach best aligns with your goals and with those of the journalists. 

3. Choose the Right Timing 

Timing is a critical aspect of successful PR outreach. Determine when you want your content to be seen by your target audience. Quick-turnaround outlets like online platforms, daily newspapers, television, and radio are ideal for immediate exposure. For evergreen content, consider pitching to magazine publications. Evaluate your options and choose the timing that best suits your story.  

4. Thoroughly Research Contacts & Outlets 

Utilize databases and search engines to identify potential media outlets. Start with broad search terms and narrow down your list as you progress. Pay attention to journalists’ beats, cadence of publication and whether they receive pitches or not. Seek assistance from a PR agency if necessary to define your media list effectively. 

5. Understand Media Roles 

Consider the roles of potential contacts within media outlets. Editors-in-chief may focus more on the business aspects of the outlet, while staff writers or assignment editors are often looking for unique stories. Include multiple contacts from one outlet to ensure comprehensive coverage. 

6. Review and Supplement Your List 

After compiling your initial list, review it for any missing outlets or contacts. Use online resources like Google or ChatGPT to identify any overlooked opportunities. Continuously refine your list to ensure it's comprehensive and up-to-date. 

Build Your Media List Today!

By following these six steps, you can create a robust media list that will enhance your public relations campaign's success. A carefully curated media list ensures that your content reaches the right audience, increasing your chances of securing valuable media coverage. 

For more insights and expert guidance on PR strategy and media outreach, explore relevant news articles, such as those from A Good Cause and Glue Up.If you have further questions or need assistance with your PR campaign, feel free to reach out to The TASC Group today! Learn more about how The TASC Group’s award winning expertise can help you to strengthen, support and highlight your mission within the communities you serve.

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