Karen Urgiles is a driven and ambitious sophomore at Baruch College, pursuing a BBA in marketing management with a minor in psychology. She is currently interning at The TASC Group, where she brings her dynamic and innovative thinking to the team. Karen has a broad background in marketing, research and education, and her professional experience includes significant contributions to well-known enterprises, demonstrating her capacity for adaptation, innovation and productive teamwork. 
Recently, Karen completed an externship at Beats by Dre, where she actively contributed to the brand’s strategic initiatives by conducting a comprehensive survey engaging with nine college students to uncover macro consumer trends. This initiative aimed to promote benchmarking and differentiation, ensuring that the brand maintains a distinctive and competitive edge in the market. 
In her spare time, Karen enjoys reading self-awareness books while visiting antique coffee shops around NYC. She also has a passion for fashion and enjoys shopping online or at stores for her extensive collection of clothes. Karen is driven by a strong passion for mental health advocacy, consistently seeking to support those in need. 

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