Emiliano Garcia Wins The TASC Group’s Second Annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship at The City College of New York

TASC partnered with the Advertising and Public Relations Program at CCNY in 2020 to develop a program to award and recognize extraordinary and mission-driven multicultural public relations students with a $2,500 scholarship and a paid semester-long internship at The TASC Group. Despite the many ambitious and competitive applicants, Emiliano’s enthusiasm and dedication to advocacy and social justice made him a standout candidate.

Emiliano’s passion for advocacy through communication stems from personal experience. Born in Mexico, Emiliano is the first in his family to attend college, and immigrant rights groups have had a powerful impact on DREAMers like him, inspiring him to advocate for others over the years. Emiliano was granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status – which offers work authorization and protection from deportation – due to multi-faceted campaigns led by immigrant youth that have helped establish and protect the provisions of DACA. Having been inspired by the work that nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups have accomplished to expand immigrant rights in the country, Emiliano is excited to work with the social justice and nonprofit clients TASC is well-known for partnering with. In the same way that advocacy has helped him, Emiliano hopes to help communities share their stories and positively impact their lives.

The TASC Group looks forward to welcoming Emiliano to the team this summer.

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