Veronica Vaccaro Wins The TASC Group’s Inaugural Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship Award at The City College of New York

The TASC Group is thrilled to share the news that Veronica Vaccaro, an undergraduate student pursuing a dual degree in communications and sociology, is the first recipient of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship Program at The City College of New York.

This highly competitive and prestigious honor awards one public relations student with a $2,500 scholarship along with a paid semester-long internship at The TASC Group. Though there were many competitive applicants, Veronica’s passion for advocacy and social justice made her a standout candidate.

Born in Denver Colo., Veronica maintains a keen interest in the work of nonprofits and utilizing the power of public relations to help companies and organizations pursue their respective values-driven missions. Growing up, she realized the power of a collectivist mindset with her community members sharing resources to support and uplift each other in the pursuit of mutual success. She saw the strong fabric of community building and investment to be an extremely powerful tool.

As someone who was personally touched by the various social movements of 2020, she attributes her activism to her public relations mindset which rejects passivity in crisis. Finding that public relations professionals have an obligation to speak on the issues of our time and inform the public narrative, she has cultivated a community-first mentality that informs her public relations strategy.

She is extremely civically engaged, working as a full-time personal care provider for children on the autism spectrum and volunteering whenever possible to support her respective communities. Veronica also decided to pursue an EMT certification when she found out there was a need for EMT-trained personnel in her community.

Veronica is also a creative. She is interested in digital design and crafting graphic tees inspired by the interactions between nature and technology.

Regarding diversity in the public relations field, Veronica makes it clear that representation is not enough and that public relations organizations have an obligation to create an environment where all people can thrive.

She is drawn to The TASC Group because its progressive clients will allow her to explore the different causes she cares about such as criminal justice reform and fair housing issues. She believes TASC embodies many of the values and progressive beliefs that she holds and is excited for this opportunity.

The TASC Group looks forward to welcoming Veronica this summer.

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