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The Ultimate Guide to Cause-Related Marketing for Nonprofits

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Cause-related marketing (CRM) is a strategic partnership between a nonprofit organization and a for-profit business. A component in many successful public relations strategies, cause-related marketing aims to promote a social cause while simultaneously providing benefits to both parties. When used effectively, nonprofits can leverage cause-related marketing to advance their missions and the thought leadership of their executive team to better engage with their communities.


What Is Cause-Related Marketing for Nonprofits?

Cause-related marketing involves collaborations where a nonprofit and business work together to promote a cause that aligns with both their values. The business typically provides support through marketing efforts, financial donations or in-kind contributions, which helps raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit’s cause. Alternatively, partnering with a nonprofit can add a human element to a company’s marketing efforts

How Can Cause-Related Marketing Benefit Nonprofit Organizations?

Crafting an Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

To create a successful cause marketing campaign:

  • Define Clear Objectives: Determine what you aim to achieve—whether it’s raising funds, increasing awareness or changing perceptions.
  • Find the Right Partner: Choose a business partner whose values align closely with your nonprofit’s mission.
  • Develop a Compelling Narrative: Craft a compelling story that resonates with both the business’s audience and your nonprofit’s supporters. 
  • Promote Across Channels: Utilize various marketing channels—social media, email, events—to maximize reach and engagement.

What to Avoid in Cause-Related Marketing

  • Misalignment of Values: Ensure your partner’s values align closely with your nonprofit’s mission to avoid conflicting messages.
  • Overpromising Results: Be realistic about what the partnership can achieve to manage expectations effectively.
  • Lack of Transparency: Maintain transparency with stakeholders regarding how funds are used and the impact of the campaign.

Want to Join Forces and Launch a Campaign? 

Cause-related marketing can benefit both a company and an organization’s public relations strategy. Contact TASC today to explore how we can help amplify your nonprofit’s impact through strategic partnerships.

At The TASC Group, we specialize in strategic PR and communications services for nonprofits. With a focus on building meaningful connections and enhancing brand reputation, we empower organizations to communicate effectively and achieve their mission-driven goals.

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